Sep 1st
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Aegis Trust 2012 Appeal

Aegis Trust inspires young people to stand up against prejudice and exclusion, the root causes of genocide, through its peacebuilding workshops for schoolchildren held at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.

Creating another young peacebuilder in Rwanda
Aegis Trust received 2,648 Rwandan children to its peacebuilding workshops in 2011 from 79 schools, an important contribution, but we'd like to do much more in 2012 and beyond, expanding workshop capacity at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, developing teacher training and through community outreach with a mobile exhibition.

"All the students who attended the workshop came back with a clear understanding about the genocide and they were able to share with their colleagues about what they learnt, urging them to help vulnerable people and genocide – orphaned children. That is how they ended up fundraising in every class and were able to buy 7 goats that they distributed to orphaned students at our school and they even went beyond the school where they identified other vulnerable people to whom they also gave some goats. So, I think that is a commendable achievement that we owe to the workshop."
Headmaster from a school attending an Aegis Trust peacebuilding workshop

"Even if you get in a classroom you will find that students have written on the blackboard 'Learning from the past, building the future' (this is the title of the workshop). A colleague asks what this means and it gets anchored in the spirit of all students. As for students who attended the workshop, you can sometimes find them reading the materials even in their classes and this shows that it has had an impact on them."
Teacher from a school attending an Aegis Trust peacebuilding workshop

Support the Aegis Trust 2012 Appeal to create another peacebuilder in Rwanda.

Creating young peacebuilders
To support this appeal: